Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cross-eyed Cat Spangles' Halloween Costumes

In the last post we shared some acting cute cat series, this week we continue talk about acting cute cat.  The most popular acting cute cat  over the internet is the Spangles, a 3-year-old cross-eyed cat.
Spangle's Costume

Spangles' favorite holiday must be  Halloween.The feline sensation has taken the Web by storm, with 20,000 Facebook fans anxiously awaiting his next costume choice.

"I saw a tiger hat at Petsmart and thought it would look so cute," she says. "So I bought it and put it on him. He loved it!"

Here is Spangles Halloween costume show, you can never figure out what is his favorite Halloween costume.
Crosseyed  Cat

Cross-eyed cat Halloween costume

 Spangles Halloween

 Spangles Costume

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